Does CBD Oil Expire? Guide to Keep CBD Oil From Going Bad

does cbd oil expire

Does CBD Oil Expire? Guide to Keep CBD Oil From Going Bad

The demand for CBD Oils has increased with time, and people are using them massively. However, it has lost its potency and effectiveness over time. It has a shelf life of approximately 1–2 years, which can be further reduced due to high temperature, sunlight, and oxygen. The user may observe a change in its taste, color, consistency, and smell, indicating that its expiry date has arrived. Many users ask, out of curiosity, does CBD Oil expire, or does it go bad? If yes, how will we know? We have answered all such questions in today’s article on JUST CBD LIFE to ensure your safety and health. Read it till the end so you may not miss anything.

Can CBD Oil Expire?

Well, the answer is Yes. CBD oil has a particular shelf life as we read about medicines or other health-related products. Each consumer must read its expiry date to ensure the effectiveness of CBD oil and its safety.

What Factors Affect the Shelf Life of CBD Oil?

We will discuss each factor affecting the shelf life of CBD Oil one by one. Read them below.

  • Quality 

The FDA doesn’t regulate the CBD market, due to which several inferior products are available in the market. These lower-quality products played a significant role in lowering the shelf life and effectiveness of CBD oil. Before you buy a CBD product, explore the popular manufacturers and read their reviews, then finalize your product.

  • Types of CBD Oil

The purity of CBD oil increases its shelf life. Usually, CBD isolates have the longest durability. Several products available in the market, such as whole-plant, full-spectrum, and broad-spectrum, possess more plant materials bearing a short expiration date.

  • Storage 

As we said earlier, extreme weather conditions, temperatures and light can lead to the degradation of CBD, lowering its effectiveness and potency. So, storing CBD products in a dark area at room temperature will extend their shelf life and efficiency.

  • Herbal Addiction, Flavor & Expiration 

Herbal additives, melatonin, and flavorings have a longer shelf life than CBD oil. These natural flavorings are preferable as they do not expire like their chemical replicas. Also, they don’t influence the estimated shelf life of the actual CBD oil. 

  • Ingredients Used For

The addition of some particular ingredients estimates the expiry date of CBD oil. Each additional vitamin in its composition has a particular shelf life. Many vitamins can retain their efficiency for 1–2 years and lose it afterward. However, they are not toxic, after which they lose their potency.

  • The Extraction Method

A way to produce pure CBD with a longer shelf life is through carbon dioxide extraction methods. However, many manufacturers use ethanol extraction instead of it. This is so because CO2 extraction requires expensive equipment. Ethanol extraction retains many plant components in hemp, reducing shelf life. 

Factors Due to Which CBD Oil Expires

There are several variables to estimate CBD oil’s shelf life, but generally, their shelf life is 1–2 years. Consumers must store the oil properly and not touch the dropper to their mouth during its intake. Your interaction with the bottle will induce bacteria into the bottle, which lessens its shelf life.

Can You Use Expired CBD Oil?

Some users may have experienced expired CBD Oil, or some may be curious to know what happens if anyone uses it. Well, an expired CBD oil does not cause any toxic effect upon consumption, but it will lose potency due to the breakdown of the natural cannabinoids. An expired CBD oil will not be effective in treating your medical condition. You must purchase a fresh bottle before its use.

How do you Express if your CBD Oil has Gone Bad?

Now the question is, how does CBD Oil go bad? You can evaluate the following factors to express whether CBD Oil has expired or not:

  • Smell: The aroma of CBD oil varies depending upon the type you purchase. Its raw pack gives an earthy aroma, and distilled oils smell more refined. If you smell a different scent on opening the original bottle, it indicates that CBD oil has gone bad.
  • Taste: Like the smell, a change in CBD oil’s taste also means it is past its time. It is recommended that consumers shake the CBD oil bottle well before its use; a few components will separate while the CBD oil sits on the shelf.
  • Color: Fatty acids in the oil composition may oxidize with time, making it inactive. The oxidized fatty acids change the color of the CBD oil. It appears darkening or more cloudy than its original color.
  • Consistency: The change in oil’s consistency when kept in a refrigerator. Initially, the refrigerated oil thickers but returns to its regular consistency as it warms. Furthermore, CBD can crystallize within the oil but dissolves as it returns to regular temperature. If it doesn’t, it indicates that the oil has expired.

Storage of CBD Oil

CBD oils cannot endure severe temperature, sunlight, and air. All these elements cause the breakdown of CBD oil, making it less effective shortly after its manufacturing. It is recommended to store the oil in sufficient light and temperature. Below, we will enlist how to save CBD Oil from going bad.

  • Temperature: Usually, high temperature leads to the degradation of CBD oils more quickly. It makes them ineffective for use with the time. The best way to store CBD oil is at room temperature or refrigerator to maintain its efficiency and potency. You must prefer the recommendations of manufacturers to pick the best storage options.
  • Sunlight: Direct and indirect sunlight can break down the fatty acids in the CBD oil composition. The warmer the oil is, the more it will be the destruction. Ensure to prefer a dark place for the storage of CBD oil. Several makers also pack the oil in dark-colored opaque bottles to save it from the sunlight. In addition, a bottle coated with UV-protected glass gets superior protection.
  • Oxygen: The level of O2 in the atmosphere leads to the oxidation of fatty acids, which decrease CBD potency. It is better to store CBD oil in an airtight container and fix the cap tightly each time after its use to prevent additional air exposure.

In short, CBD oils must be kept in dark-colored, opaque, airtight containers in a dark place at an approximate room temperature of 23 °C/ 73 °F.


Can CBD oil be refrigerated?

There is no need to refrigerate CBD oil if it is kept at room temperature (less than 23 °C/ 73 °F). Nevertheless, some makers suggest to refrigerate their products. Ensure to read the storage recommendations and act accordingly.

Can you use Extracted CBD oil for your skin?

The expired CBD oil is not harmful, so apply it to your skin. However, it is less effective, and you may not get the medical satisfaction you demand. 

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