How to Smoke Moon Rocks Easily – Read all the Detailed Information

smoke moon rocks

How to Smoke Moon Rocks Easily – Read all the Detailed Information

Moon Rocks is categorized as a potent cannabis product among all the products available in the market. It gives a unique experience to each consumer. Their name is quite rare and attractive. It looks like they are named due to their resemblance to the lunar landscape. However, they contain 50% THC and hence, their potency has earned them this name. 

It is not a perfect option for low-tolerant cannabis consumers as it may result in severe consequences. Pick this weed to smoke in a relaxed and energetic environment to enjoy it. Readers will go through complete details of this weed, its preparation, pros & cons, and smoking procedure in this article.

What are the Moon Rocks?

Now, we are coming on to the specific details of the Moon Rocks. They are categorized as bugs of cannabis flower, folded in kief and soaked in extracts. Historically, Girl Scout cookies are used for their preparation, but any strain will be enough. They’re highly valued for their potency, which comes up due to the presence of over 50% THC levels. To date, its various variations are already out in the market, including THC-free hemp varieties high in CBD.

History of Moon Rocks:

Historically, the actual source of moon rocks is still being determined. The rumors state that the dispensary Starbudz760 was the first to combine them with legendary West Coast rapper Kurupt. It was meant to hype the product and trademark his version, Kurupt Moonrock.

How Powerful are Moon Rocks?

The potential of this weed varies from product to product. The difference depends upon how the weed is prepared and who prepares it. A common observation is that the Moon Racks possess 50% THC, whereas its average in most flowers is around 20%. 

After a bit of intake, the weed rises to the head and eventually spreads throughout the body. Also, it provides instant relief from chronic pain and anxiety. If you are familiar with the term ”slow burn,” it’s like that. Its intake gives you a feeling that you’ve climbed a mountain you may not be ready to mount.

Advantages & Dis-Advantages of Moon Rocks:

Each consumer gets a unique experience after smoking it, but that doesn’t mean they’re suitable for everyone. Look at the benefits or drawbacks that come after smoking moon rocks.


  • The presence of cannabis flowers makes it a potent weed that will get you a long-lasting high.
  • Just like dabs, this weed is economical and goes a long way.
  • It’s an excellent choice for medical patients who prefer a high dose of THC
  • This weed is a good conversation starter; you’ll enjoy it thoroughly with your company.


  • It leaves the consumers high, which is not suitable for low THC-tolerant people.
  • This weed is messy, and primarily; people smoke it in the glass. So, the consumers can roll them in a joint or blunt instead of putting them in a grinder.
  • They can melt if we don’t keep them in a cool and dry place.

How to Make Moon Rocks Easily at Home?

The original formation of moon rocks takes place with the GSC flower. However, you can prepare it at home on your own by using the following materials:


1: Cannabis buds

2: Kief

3: Cannabis concentrate

4: Tongs

5: Liquid Dropper


The steps involved in the making of weed are mentioned below:

Step 1: Prepare Buds

Choose dense and well-formed cannabis flowers. You may prefer to pick denser buds to hold the final cannabis cocktail together better.

Step 2: Apply Concentrate

Hold your favorite concentrate. Heat the super-thick concentrate to turn it into a liquid. Then, drizzle the cannabis concentrate onto the buds by using a dropper. 

Oversaturation of the bud will expand the drying period and cause difficulty lighting it.

Step 3: Penetration of First Layer

Let the first layer permeate, and if it soaks through the nug, repeat the oil coating step.

Step 4: Roll in Kief

Cover the entire bug in a container with kief. Use tongs to hold the bud and roll it gently to give proper coverage.

Step 5: Dry the Weed

Lastly, let your moon rocks completely dry in a dry and dark place for hours before using them. 

Step 6: Store & Enjoy

Store the dried weed in an airtight container to avoid direct sunlight. Ensure to consume its small amount initially and increase it gradually.

How to Smoke Moon Rocks?

Experienced cannabis consumers can smoke Moon Rock by acting upon the advice below.

  • Always use either bong or pipe glassware, as this weed differs from your typical flower. It is dense and greasy, so consumers must split it piece by piece.
  • At the same time, rolling up requires 18 grams of moon rocks, and you won’t be able to keep it lit like a regular blunt.
  • Throwing them on top of some flowers is best due to their greasy texture.
  • Finish your daily tasks before smoking it because you won’t be ready for the action right after consuming it.

Final Words

In conclusion, its potency varies from product to product due to variations in the potency levels of flower, concentrate, and kief. If you are an experienced cannabis consumer, you must choose this weed to smoke Moon Rock and enjoy.

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