A Blue Biscotti Strain Review & Information by JUST CBD LIFE

A Blue Biscotti Strain Review & Information by JUST CBD LIFE

Blue Biscotti is an 80% Indica-dominant strain created through a cross of delicious strains. It was named because of its gorgeous appearance and sweet flavor. Visually, its appearance is unique and appealing due to its attractive color scheme. The buds are dense and frosty, dominated by a vibrant green shade with purple and blue streaks. 

The strain’s flavor combines sweet, fruity blueberries and spicy vanilla cream. If we talk about its effects, they are high and calm and will lift your mood upon consumption. You’ll feel a solid physical buzz throughout your body. Not just that, the Blue Biscotti strain has medicinal benefits for marijuana patients suffering from stress, PSTD, chronic pain or insomnia. 

Its flowering time is 8-9 weeks, with outdoor harvest in mid-October. The best thing about it is that it offers massive yield with moderate maintenance. A cultivator must consult the cannabis community to get some innovative cultivation tips. We have covered all the relevant details in today’s article, so ensure you read it until the end. Also, explore the other strains on our website.

What is Blue Biscotti Strain?

Cookies Fam blended unique strains of Gelato 25 and South Florida OG to form an Indica dominant hybrid strain named ”Blue Biscotti Strain”. Gelato is a blend of Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, which gives an equal split of Indica and Sativa. At the same time, South Florida OG has been acknowledged as one of the best southern strains for the last 20 years. 

Is Blue Biscotti Strain an Indica or a Sativa?

Blue Biscotti Strain is considered an 80/20 Indica dominant hybrid weed. Because of the presence of Gelato, this strain offers a balanced combo of both indica and sativa effects. Cookies Fam cultivated this versatile strain that yields tasty and potent buds covered in trichomes, offering a sweet and earthy taste. Consumers can enjoy the flavorful smoke in large amounts without coughing for hours.

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Basic Information About the Blue Biscotti Strain:

Blue Biscotti is distinctive not just because of its appearance but due to its aroma and flavor. It is among the most selling strains available worldwide. We have briefly described its basic information below. You will read about its effects, genetics, fragrance, taste, and medical benefits here. 

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Blue Biscotti is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain. It is up there with the most potent cultivars available worldwide. Cookies Fam blended Gelato #25 with South Florida OG to create something new and exciting for cannabis enthusiasts. A unique cross between the delicious strains brings the sweet and fruity aromas from Blueberry, the dessert-like flavor from Gelato #25, and the influence of South Florida OG.

Taste & Smell:

Blue Biscotti offers a fruity taste accompanied by a slight earthiness. This enjoyable smoke is a perfect choice for sweet treat lovers. Blue Biscotti gives a unique floral aroma with a combination of hints of citrus in the scent. This combo offers a particular smell with a blend of berries and citrus. 


Blue Biscotti’s size ranges from small to medium. In terms of appearance, its leaves are small and tightly packed, and the flowers are cover in a thick layer of trichomes. The buds are covered with dark forest green nugs and amber and orange hairs accented with shades of purple and blue. 

Effects of Blue Biscotti Strain:

Blue Biscotti Strain contains THC levels ranging between 22–25%. It is known for offering uplifting and euphoric effects and is perfect to smoke with your friends in the evening. Its few tokes will leave the consumers with an intense cerebral high that can be felt throughout the body. It provides relaxation and peace without causing any couch lock upon high consumption. But less seasoned cannabis enthusiasts must proceed with caution. 

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Is Blue Biscotti Strain Good for Pain?

Besides providing cerebral effects, Blue Biscotti offers analgesic properties to marijuana consumers. It relieves patients suffering from chronic pain, inflammation, and anxiety. However, it may leave the users with dry eyes and mouth, so don’t consume it without medical consultation.

Final Words

Blue Biscotti is a powerful combo of Gelato #25 and South Florida OG strains bearing 22-25% THC. A slight earthiness complements its fruity flavor. The biscotti is short and bushy, with large purple leaves growing near the tips. New cannabis enthusiasts must intake it with the utmost care and after consulting with a medical professional. You can enjoy this versatile strain thoroughly at any time of the day once you get use to it. However, the individual experience may vary.

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