Are Nerds Rope Gluten Free | Read All the Detail

Are Nerds Rope Gluten Free

Are Nerds Rope Gluten Free | Read All the Detail


The popularity of Nerds Rope increases as soon as the event of Halloween approaches. As it is a candy, try to explore which varieties are gluten-free. We will address whether they are safe for people suffering from celiac or not.

Now, Halloween is near, which means the demand for these candies will rise among the kids. So, several varieties are stocked up and ready to be passed out to all the children. We understand that parents whose children are suffering from food sensitivities and allergies wonder if these candies are safe for someone on a gluten-free diet.

Who Made Nerds?

In terms of making, Nerd candies are made by the Ferrara Candy Company as of 2023. It is the same company that bought out Nestle four years back, in 2019. The similar company also purchased various candy brands like Fun Dip, Sweetarts, Black Forest, Laffy Taffy, Pixi Stix, Nerds, etc.

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Ingredients Which are Used in Nerds:

The composition of original Nerd candies includes a variety of ingredients. It contains dextrose, sugar, malic acid, corn syrup, natural flavors, and carnauba wax. Additionally, it consists of artificial colors like carmine color, blue one lake, blue 1, blue two lakes, red 40 lakes, yellow 5, yellow 6, and gum acacia.

Are Nerds Gluten-Free?

Now comes up to the question of parents: Is Nerd gluten-free? It’s hard to claim it is Gluten-free after looking at its composition. Most people think malic acid is the same as malt (which is not gluten-free). However, the reality is contrary to that. The primary source of malic acid is unripe apples, which are gluten-free.

Additionally, the source of natural flavors is gluten grains such as barley, which addresses the presence of gluten in Nerds. The makers have mentioned on its packing that it may contain eggs. However, they haven’t said that it may contain wheat. So, remember that the company has not clarified its gluten-free nature.

Thoughts of Ferrara and Nerds Brands on Labeling Allergens. 

Here, we will summarise Ferrara’s thoughts regarding labeling Allergens. They say any “Big 8″ manufactured products will carry an allergen statement. Allergens said that the ingredients are not discussed dually in the allergen statement. Every Ferrara product indicates the presence or absence of allergens on their packages through a ”CONTAINS” or ”no CONTAINS” statement.

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The company timely informs the users about the changes in the ingredients of Nerds. So, thoroughly check the package to ensure that the batch is gluten-free.

Are the Gummy Nerds Cluster Gluten-Free? 

Many people are still wondering whether Nerds gummy clusters are gluten-free. The company confirms them as ”gluten-free” based on the ingredients. However, in a statement, they say that the desired product gets manufactured in an environment where milk, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, and soy assist in making other products. The probability of cross-contamination confirms that the Nerds gummy clusters are not gluten-free.

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Are Nerds Rope Gluten Free [Candies]

Nerds Rope candies allergy warning claims that their composition may contain eggs. Now, it’s up to you to pick the most suitable option among the available ones. Feel free to choose the traditional nerds or stick with gluten-free ones.

Gluten-Free Nature of Nerds Rope Varient:

Below is a brief detail about the gluten-free nature of several varieties of Nerds Rope.

Original Nerds

  • They do not contain any gluten ingredients. At the same time, they do not endorse a gluten warning on the package. 

Nerds Gummy Clusters:

  • They endorse Gluten allergy warnings on their packaging. If you suffer from gluten allergy, please avoid consuming Nerds Gummy Clusters. 

Nerd Ropes:

  • These candies do not contain gluten ingredients and do not endorse a statement indicating that they are produced on lines with wheat. 

Big Chewy Nerds + Sour:

  • Based on the ingredients list, these Nerds do not contain any gluten ingredients, but there is no official confirmation from the manufacturer company.  

Nerds Candy Corn:

  • According to the available information, it does have gluten ingredients and a “may contain” statement implying that they are produced on lines with wheat.

Nerds Tangy Candy Canes:

  • It’s ingredients list shows that they do not contain gluten ingredients and do not have a “may contain” statement implying a Gluten allergy warning. 
  • Therefore, it looks like they are gluten-free.


We have shared all the information about the Nerds Rope for being gluten-free and safe to use as a gluten-free diet. It’s the responsibility of every user to check the packing individually. It will help them to determine the ingredient or manufacturing changes that can make them non-gluten-free. Feel free to share this article with your loved ones to keep them gluten-free.

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