Every Thing You Need To Know About Devil’s Lettuce Weeds Strain

Devil’s Lettuce

Every Thing You Need To Know About Devil’s Lettuce Weeds Strain

Introduction to Devil’s Lettuce Weeds Strain

The strain takes us back to the time when smoking marijuana was look down upon by most of the population. At that time, cannabis was called the “devil’s lettuce.” The government collaborate with the advertisement agencies to lead a propaganda campaign against cannabis that was primarily implanted in racism. 

The name of this strain is also linked to a political movement called the Reefer Madness movement. It led to the war on drugs and caused a lot of damage and violence worldwide. This blog has described all the information about the Devil’s Lettuce Cannabis Weed Strain. For more such articles, keep visiting JUST CBD LIFE.

Genetic Overview of Devil’s Lettuce Weeds Strain

Let’s talk about the genetic overview of Devil’s Lettuce Weed. This strain is a 70/30 Indica-dominant hybrid combination of Shishkaberry and Great White Shark strains. Consumers get complete relaxation upon their intake, which keeps negative thoughts away. The strain is best consumed at night hours as it can be difficult to focus after too many tokes.

Great White Shark is a potent strain containing 21% THC levels. Its high intake will leave you in the clouds. This strain is helpful to treat insomnia when smoking it before sleeping. 

Shishkaberry has been awarded several times for being the best Indica hybrid with 26% THC content. This strain has a flavour of blueberries and influences the consumers slowly. Medical patients use it to relieve inflammation, chronic pain, and stress. 

THC Content of Devil’s Lettuce Weeds Strain

Devil’s Lettuce is potent up to a decent level, with THC levels around 19%. Devil’s Lettuce effectively keeps your worries away and relieves stress or pain.

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Flavour and Aroma of Devil’s Lettuce Weeds Strain

The flavour of Devil’s Lettuce seems to be a combination of spice, citrus and flowers. However, the citrus notes dominate its fragrance a little more than others. Mainly, Caryophyllene, Linalool, and Limonene dominate the terpenes of this strain.

  1. Linalool has a powerful effect. This terpene provides you ease in stressful conditions. It is widely use by Bue Dream and Jack Frost strains. 
  2. Limonene possesses a strong citrus flavour. The terpene is found in two delicious strains, Clementine and White Runtz. It eases inflammation and anxiety.
  3. Caryophyllene is a pain reliever for medical marijuana patients, mainly found in Jungle Cake and Alien Rock Candy strains. Its flavour is a little spicy but gives you a soothing effect.

Yield and Flowering Time of Devil’s Lettuce Weeds Strain


Devil’s Lettuce strain is grown indoor and outdoor, but minimal information about growing the strain is known. Its indoor yield is approximately 0.5 oz/ft2, and the outdoor yield is around 6-8 oz/weed plants. Finding reliable seeds online is challenging. To avoid legal issues, act responsibly. 

Flowering Time:

Devil’s Lettuce plant gives a small yield. Its flowering time is around 68-70 days or ten weeks. Like other strains, it is ready for harvest in the middle of October. Observing the plant’s behaviour while growing the strain gives you a lifetime experience.

Medical Benefits of Devils Lettuce Weeds Strain

The presence of 1% CBD content makes the Devil’s Lettuce Weeds Strain unsuitable for medical use. However, its THC content helps treat several traditional medical conditions. It includes anxiety, stress or depression, long-term pain, loss of appetite, and sleeplessness. 

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Cost of Devil’s Lettuce Weed Strain

Usually, the cost of Devil’s Lettuce strain ranges from $40 to $45 per 1/8th. The full oz will cost around $270-$280. It is expensive compare to other popular and potent strains.

Their cost may vary depending on the demand in a particular area. Countries that legalised marijuana, like Nevada, have huge tourism industries that ran out of weed in just a few months. Also, the tax rates also differ from state to state. In some places, taxes are so high that it has facilitated the survival of the black market. 


In conclusion, the Devil’s Lettuce weed strain is prevalent worldwide. It varies from other forms of cannabis because of its unique appearance, powerful effects, and distinct flavour. The strain gives a powerful, energetic, and relaxing impact upon its intake. 

Intake the desired strain after researching its characteristics and effects. Its numerous variations are available in the market worldwide. The weed strain offers many health benefits upon its intake.

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