A Review of Devil’s Lettuce Weed Strain – JUST CBD LIFE

Devil's Lettuce

A Review of Devil’s Lettuce Weed Strain – JUST CBD LIFE

Devil’s Lettuce Weed Strain is a 70/30 Indica-dominant hybrid blend of Shishkaberry and Great White Shark strains. These two are potent strains containing THC levels up to 21% and 26%, respectively. 

Let us tell you about the Devil’s Lettuce flavor. Its flavor is a combination of citrus, spice, and flowers. However, the fragrance of citrus dominates its overall aroma. These strains relieve the consumers from inflammation, insomnia, chronic pain, and stress. Keep visiting our website to read more about other strains and CBD information. 

Controversial History behind the Term ”Devil’s Lettuce Weed Strain”

The name ”Devil’s Lettuce Weed strain” has consistently gained the attention of most of the readers. It’s time to end the curiosity of the people about its name. The name of the Devil’s Lettuce strain is linked with an old political movement called the Reefer Madness movement. 

In the early 1990s, Devil’s Lettuce was referred to Cannabis as an insulting term. People claim it is a dangerous drug that leads to other harmful drugs. Even now, some people refer to Devil’s Lettuce as Cannabis but in a humorous way. However, it is a fact that Cannabis is not a dangerous drug. Cannabis offers many medical benefits worldwide. 

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Benefits of Devil’s Lettuce Weed?

Devil’s Lettuce Weed is a traditional herbal remedy that assists to cure various medical conditions. If you are suffering from health issues, consult your doctor to confirm its efficiency and safety before its usage.

  1. Devil’s lettuce weed consists of a milky substance called lactucarium. That substance contains compounds called sesquiterpene lactones that feature pain-relieving properties. The presence of this substance helps lettuce to treat headaches, migraines, arthritis, and muscle pain.
  2. Devil’s Lettuce weed is very effective for people suffering from sleeplessness. As it contains lactucarium, it offers a soothing effect and promotes sleep. It reduces anxiety and stress and treats Insomnia. Wild lettuce may also help to stimulate the appetite. 
  3. Antioxidants in Devil’s Lettuce weed reduce inflammation in the part of the body. Additionally, inflammation plays a role in chronic diseases like heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and cancer.
  4. Devil’s Lettuce Weed also plays a role in improving the digestion process. It is beneficial to cure medical conditions like constipation and diarrhea. 

Yield and Flowering Time of Devil’s Lettuce Weed:

It is possible to grow Devil’s Lettuce both indoors and outdoors. However, its plant only offers a small yield. This strain yields around 0.5 oz/ft2 indoors and 6-8 oz/weed plants outdoors. Devil’s Lettuce’s flowering time is ten weeks, and it is ready for harvest in mid-October. 

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Different Variations of Devil’s Lettuce Weed

Many Devil’s Lettuce Weed strain variants are available in the market. Each variant has a unique aroma and flavor. But one common thing is that each variant provides a soothing, energetic, and relaxing impact. Please scroll down to read more about some of its variants.

Variant Name Aroma Flavor
Red Devil’s Lettuce Earthy and spicy  Powerful and acrid 
Devil’s Lettuce Strain Red Earthy and spicy  Sweet and intense 
Vivid Purple Devil’s Lettuce Earthy and spicy  Sweet and savory
Devil Fruit Devil’s Lettuce Earthy and spicy  Sweet and delicious 

Cost and Effects of Devil’s Lettuce Weed:

The price of Devil’s Lettuce weed varies in every country. Its price gets higher in the states where its use is illegal and vice versa. Also, this strain is more expensive as compared to other strains. It costs about $40 to $45 per 1/8th. The cost of full ounce ranges from $270 to $280.  

Devil’s Lettuce weed strain is well-known for its powerful effects. Its effects depend upon the type of variant you are using. It is an energetic, soothing strain and is highly popular among cannabis consumers. This strain can lift anyone’s mood and focus. It provides relaxing effects that wipe off your tension and anxiety. It is better to use it at night. 

Final Words:

In conclusion, you are lucky enough if Devil’s Lettuce weed is available at your local dispensary. Everyone must try it at least once. However, its use is not legal in every country. Some states don’t allow its use; people get it through the black markets. The Devil’s Lettuce weed is a unique combination of Sativa and Indica cannabis. It gives a relaxing and energetic impact. It gives a very unusual aroma. This strain is beneficial in keeping negativity away from your mind and keeping yourself relaxed.

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