Devil’s Lettuce Red Weed Strain Review & Information

Devil’s Lettuce

Devil’s Lettuce Red Weed Strain Review & Information

What is Devil’s Lettuce, Marijuana Strain

The Devil’s Lettuce strain also known as Devil’s Fruit is the absolute cannabis for this scenario. This indicates that hybrid, the product of an unholy union between Shiskaberry with Great White Shark, was developed in Spain which was a great achievement in the cannabis industry.

A study says that different cultivars share the same name, but they aren’t necessarily derived from the same seed. When seeking the best deal on a Devil’s Lettuce strain, take the time to thoroughly read the strain’s genetic description. Understanding the genetics behind the strain will help ensure you get the most traffic and authentic experience from your cannabis selection. 

Grow InformationEffects
Type: 50/50CBD: 0.5% Level
Flowering Time: 8/10 weekTHC: 20-25% 
Indoor Yield: Oz per square footEffects: Creative, euphoric, hungry
Outdoor Yield: Oz per square foot
Devils Lettuce, Marijuana Strain

What is Duct Tape Weed Origins

Devil’s Lettuce was born in western North America when Shiskaberry was crossed with Great White Shark in Spain by a medical seeds company.

Effects Of Devil’s Lettuce Cannabis 

The effects of the Devil’s Lettuce strain are more joy & euphoria than fire and brimstone, leaving the users with a sense of calm and ease, and a creative.

It gives you like a ton of bricks, but in a good manner, bringing a surge of positive, inspiring thoughts. We can tell that the Devil’s Lettuce strain is more indica than sativa (70% indica to 30% Sativa). 

After the initial hurry in the mind wears off, the body feels the effects, and the result is that causing mild drowsiness and relaxation. They go wonderful at the end of the day. Now, relax and enjoy the night and watch a good film.

Devil's Lettuce Cannabis
Devil’s Lettuce Cannabis 

Flavours & Smell 

It’s hard to call that Devil’s Lettuce anything but a seductive temptress. If the devil didn’t test you, it wouldn’t be much of a devil. 

Marijuana that grows from the Devil’s Lettuce strain has a sophisticated aroma. On the other hand, its aroma is like fresh earth and atmosphere, we look on the other hand, it has dank quality, sour.

Among these aromatic essences results in a harmonious, where traces of tart citrus and potent dairy complement the sweeter fruity undertone. By no means would I ever decline a sample of this captivating blossom.

We can say that Devil’s Lettuce’s cannabis strain is sweet, divine in flavor, spicy, and acidic with a hint of fruitiness (now that fruit makes more sense). Why do people call weed the devil’s lettuce?

Flowering Time & Yield Of Devils Lettuce:

Remember, If you’re growing devil lettuce outside, then expect it to flower around mid-October. Indoor Flowering typically occurs between 57 and 67 days ( 8 to 10 weeks). 

FAQ Of Devil’s Lettuce:

  • Why is marijuana called the “devil’s lettuce”?

In 2013, NPR wrote many articles on Devil’s Lettuce that marijuana or marihuana was truly responsible for violence among Mexicans who smoke it.

  • Are the Devils Lettuce Strain Red?

The Devil’s lettuce strain is not red. It’s a typical green color cannabis.

  • Where does the devil’s lettuce come from?

The plant belongs to dry regions of western North America, specifically eastern Washington, Idaho, and others so usually below 6,000 feet (1,800 m) elevation.

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