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Sour Cookies Strain

Sour Cookies Strain Complete Review | JUST CBD LIFE


The Sour Cookies Weed Strain comes from an extended line of highly rated and recognized Cannabis Strains. It is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain with a 70% sativa to 30% indica ratio. Sour Cookies combines the trendy Girl Scout Cookies and Sour Diesel.

It brings an energy if moderately smoked. In addition, its intake will keep you relaxed, both mentally and physically. It’s living up to the expectations of its family name and following the family business. Its family tree includes legendary characters like Durban Poison, Northern Lights and Chemdawg. It’s easy to enjoy this strain, especially in social circles, but it will lay you down if it’s not respected.

Effects of Sour Cookies Weed Strain:

Let’s discuss the effects of the Sour Cookies Weed Strain. It’s a hybrid strain that doesn’t hold back; it gives you a high from both ends of the stoned range. Sour Cookies appear to be a favourite choice while hanging out with friends. All credits to its indica genes, your euphoric head-high can instantly evolve into a body stone if not utilised lightly. You will be found hitting the couch rather than hitting the club with jammin’ beats. 

Some users regard Sour Cookies as a therapeutic cannabis strain because it eases the pain. A high intake of Sour Cookies can be bowled over. So monitor how much you’re ingesting to avoid unconsciousness. After a little ingestion, it becomes a go-to for those looking to exalt their stress and anxiety while elevating their mental state. 

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Cost of Sour Cookies Strain:

We have displayed the average price of the Sour Cookies strain below:

  • $15-$20 per gram
  • $55-65 per 1/8th oz
  • $100-$110 per 1/4 ounce
  • $200-$220 per 1/2 ounce

THC Percentage of the Sour Cookies Weed Strain:

The THC percentage of these Weed strains is 17-24%, and some go as high as 28%. So, no batch will ever be regarded as low potency. A minor smoking of this strain can make you talkative, but constant consumption will take you to overwhelming couch-lock.

Growth and Yield of Sour Cookies Strain:

Indoor and outdoor growth methods yield a strain of Sour cookies. However, their indoor growth is more durable and reliable than others. 

It is recommended to use Screen of Green and Light pruning to get more efficient production.  1-2 oz/ft² is expected to be indoor growth, and 15-20 oz/plant is the outdoor growth.

This weed plant yields long, dense forest green clumps covered in a trichome layer and sprayed with light amber hairs. 

Flowering Period of Weed Strain:

The flowering period of weed strain is relatively short. It can take 9-10 weeks or 45-60 days for its healthy yield. The look of the weed strain is bright green. Monitor the formation of flowers and the colour of the trichomes to choose the best time to harvest the relevant crop.

Sour Cookies Strain Aroma:

This strain has a unique sour fragrance that indicates its flavour even before smoking it. Its powerful fragrance is only intensified by the hash smell. You must add some earthy odours and little diesel fumes to the blend to produce an aromatic scent to please your senses. 

Sour Cookies Strain Flavor:

As far as the flavour of the weed strain is concerned, it offers a smooth taste featuring a particular insanity. Its sour taste of cheesy diesel takes centre stage, with sweetness and pine in the background, enhancing its flavour. To maintain the head-high effect, the experience of sour cookies can be too etching. 

Use of Weeds Strain for Beginners:

Sour Cookies don’t seriously impact any age smokers, but the low tolerant people must avoid them. You must be a moderator to approach the Sour Cookies; however, stay aware of its consumption. Its sudden intake can creep on you, so take it slow.

Medical Assistance Provided by Sour Cookies Strain:

Among the Sour Cookies, Marijuana can assist a few medical conditions that need long-term medication. It’s a natural remedy featuring no physically addictive advantages. Below are some of the ailments that Sour Cookies can treat:

  • Marijuana eases the pain of multiple sclerosis, particularly nerve pain. According to the feedback, Marijuana lets the patients resume their prior activities without quitting them completely.
  •  Marijuana is also quite effective for treating chronic pain as one gets older.
  • Its use can be helpful to manage nausea and weight loss.
  • The presence of Marijuana also assists in treating glaucoma.
  •  It also acts as a muscle relaxant because it can relieve tremors in Parkinson’s disease, fibromyalgia, endometriosis, and interstitial cystitis.
  • Lastly, Marijuana is a medical aid for treating Arthritis, depression, and stress.

Negative Aspects of Sour Cookies Strain:

There are a lot of positive benefits that sour cookies for smokers, such as being intellectual, energetic, fast-acting, and dreamlike. But you will not bulk bad reviews of this weed strain. The users of this weed strain can experience common dry mouth, thirst, and redness of the eyes. 

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