How to Make Nerds Rope: An Easiest Recipe 

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How to Make Nerds Rope: An Easiest Recipe 


There are so many videos circulating all around showing you how to make Nerds Ropes using gummy bears. The viewers wonder if this process is accessible or not. But there is good news for the Nerds lovers as they will get to know its making by using just two ingredients.

This recipe belongs to Stephanie, aged almost 40. She is not just an author, writing her first romance novel now, but a multitasker. Besides that, she is a recipe creator, a sewing pattern designer, and a mother to 4. 

Ingredients We Use to Make Nerds Rope:

It isn’t the first time Stephanie has shared a food recipe; she keeps doing it on a daily basis. She loves to share good food recipes and fun crafts. She calls Nerds “Fun Kid Food”. In fact, this recipe is a fun recipe to make with the kids. You need the following two primary constituents for its preparation:

  • Abag of Gummy Bears.
  • Two “movie theatre” boxes of Nerds candy.

You have the entire authority to select and use the flavours of gummy bears. It’s all up to you to use one particular flavour or a bag of it. The popular flavours are Strawberry and Grape, but Rainbow Nerds are readily available in the big boxes. 

The recommendations suggest not to use the sour flavours with the extra sugar on the outside. This is so because this flavour may change the thickness and consistency of the melted gummy bear ropes under preparation.

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How We Can Make Nerds Rope?

Now let’s come to the fun part of this article, which is the process of making Nerds Rope. It is fun and a treat to make. It includes a series of steps to make it. You have to proceed according to the guidelines to get the desired result.

Generally, the process starts with the melting of the gummy bear, followed by pouring it into a squeezing bottle. Then, a folded aluminium sheet trough is filled with Nerds candy, compressed and covered afterwards. Then, it solidifies for a few hours before coming out. 

How Do We Make a Nerd Cluster at Home?

As we told earlier, it is fun and easy to make a Nerd Cluster at home. After reading the given instructions, a Nerd lover can prepare them at home. So, let’s proceed to the processing instructions. The makers must:

  • Begin with melting the gummy bears. Place bears in your microwave for almost 30-45 seconds. 
  • This step is essential to make sure no lump or hardened piece is left. Make sure to check the temperature to avoid overheating or burning.
  • Once it melts, pour the molten bear into a squeeze bottle to control the flow of the mixture.
  • Then, fold a sheet of aluminium foil to make five troughs-like sections. First, fold a long strip of foil in half lengthwise, then fold it in half again to separate the colours of the candy.
  • Now, fill the Nerds candy in each of the troughs-like sections. Fill them thoroughly and cover them completely.
  • Squeeze a thin line of molten gummy candy over each trough of Nerd candy. Make a few passes back and forth to create a thin rope-like shape and avoid overflow.
  • Top the gummy candy with more Nerds and compress the aluminium foil over the Nerds to pack them in the walls around each rope.
  • Let the ropes solidify for at least 18-20 hours, or place it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. It allows the gummy candy to dry and removes the ropes to make it more accessible.
  • Lastly, cut them into the desired size using a sharp knife or scissors and enjoy your delicious homemade Nerds Rope treat.

We hope you will have a fun experiment to make a variety of Nerds candy combinations. Create your unique flavours and have fun.

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